Sequim, WA
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Serving the Olympic Peninsula since 1983
The ICF Experts of Western WA
About Berneking Concrete Homes
Rex Berneking founded Berneking Concrete Homes (then Berneking Concrete) 30 years ago. At that time ICF was unavailable in the Northwest, and in fact their presence, even now, is due in large part to Rex's pioneering efforts.

Prior to Rex's 2003 entry into the field, several builders and homeowners had experimented with ICF construction, but discarded it because of the "difficulty" and "expense" of using the material. Rex, however, recognized that the difficulty did not arise from the materials themselves, but from general ignorance of concrete construction. Rex decided that he could do better and put his long experience to use and quickly revealed the benefits of ICF when handled by a skilled professional. He also suspected that ICF construction did not have to cost much more. And indeed under Rex's careful and experienced hand ICF homes cost only a little more up front, with numerous long term benefits that offset the initial investment.