Sequim, WA
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​Making Concrete a Little Flashy
We have never had a customer regret going for colored concrete, or stamping or even exposed pea-gravel. Having that truly unique and beautiful project is something that every home owner is proud of. And knowing that it will last a very long time makes it so satisfying.

A number of the projects shown below combine higher cost finishes as accents to a low cost finish which gives the project a high class look at an affordable price. Borders, either stamped or exposed pea-gravel, are popular and refined looking. For indoor areas such as entry ways, acid stained floors offer a rustic, durable yet beautiful and inexpensive alternative to tile or hard wood.

There really is almost no end to the possibilities for making concrete accentuate your architecture. Use the photos below for ideas, but don't limit your imagination!
At Camaraderie Cellars, wine stains gave a fitting touch and personality to a room which will be used for decades to come for wine tasting. The owner also had a magnificent jade colmum he wanted to compliment which led him to choose this slate green finish. He couldn't have been happier!
The owner of this Jefferson County home originally wanted exposed pea-gravel in the field of the driveway, but in the interest of not making a big mess with all the run off water necessary in the exposing process we settled on a somewhat cheaper broomed finish. And the result is very sleek look indeed!
To the right this Port Angeles gazeebo slab examplifies how even a simple exposed pea-gravel boarder can nicely set off a simple affordable broom finish patio. In this case the boarder and field were pored at the same time making it even more affordable.
For this Sequim ICF Residence a slate like stamp was used along with light colored dye to create a great effect.
For the Taco Time restaurant in Silverdale the owner wanted the floor to look like old southwestern adobe architecture. So after experimenting with several colors we settled on this earth tone. The owner was also pleased that the cost was signifcantly less than tile!