Sequim, WA
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Frequently Asked Questions
​How much does an insulated concrete home cost?
     Insulated concrete homes are slightly more expensive (2-4% more). But their ultra efficient performance helps an insulated concrete structure quickly earn back the initial cost in energy savings. 

Isn't a concrete home dark, uncomfortable and cold?
​    No, not at all. In fact having been in an insulated concrete home for a while you will soon realize that stick framed houses are drafty and rickety. The concrete construction is more solid than any house you've seen before, but because it is sandwiched between two and a half inches of expanded polystyrene (Styrofoam) which nets more than 30R on the insulation scale (Washington energy codes only require 26). Additionally our homes reduce street noise dramatically.

Can I build one myself?
​     Possibly. Like any house it takes a lot of skill, specialized tools, and time. Rex has consulted for many homeowners who did most of the ICF block set up themselves. For these customers Rex has made inspections at various points of construction and is usually on site on the day of the pour to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

Does Berneking Concrete sell the blocks?
    No, we do not. We purchase the blocks for you and install them, but you cannot buy blocks through us.

How is the sheet rock and siding attached?
     Once the concrete is pored the plastic webs that hold the blocks together during the pour become rock solid nailing strips. Both on the inside for sheet rock and on the outside for siding.

What is the energy efficiency compared to conventional framing methods?
​     Much better. In blower door tests ICF homes out preformed even the most carefully built stick framed house by more than 100%! That translates into less heated air escaping from your home and lowered heating bills.

How much is concrete per square foot?
     There are so many different finish options and extenuating circumstances that it is not possible to quote a flat or even general price per square foot. What we will do though is look at your plans or project and give you a free estimate. This will be much more accurate than trying to quote a per square foot price.

Is Berneking Concrete Homes a general contractor?
    Yes. We have the licencing and proper bonding to be the general contractor on any job from small scale projects to full homes.