Sequim, WA
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Flatwork Photos
When it comes to standard flatwork Berneking Concrete Homes is not standard. We want to insure that whatever you build will stand the test of time. That is why we take the time to compact the soil, remove questionable soil and use reinforcement bar or welded wire mesh in virtually every flatwork project we do. Nothing is worse than cracks and settling showing up in a new slab, especially when the causes are 90% preventable.

Many times customers ask about resurfacing settling or cracked concrete. In some cases this works well, but more often than not what looks unsightly on the surface is a subgrade problem arising from poor drainage, tree roots, or other rotted debris under the slab. So often the best solution is to remove and replace old damaged concrete.
The aggrigate in the Sequim area is so colorful that it makes it hard to resist doing an exposed agrigate finish. This Sequim home owner couldn't resist.
Patios are meant for Bar-B-Queing. That's why you have to make sure they are big enough. Like this Sequim Bay residence. And hopefully on the sunny side of the house too.
To the left is one of the most beautiful front entry stairways I have seen. The finish is a simple exposed peagravel, but the S-curve and heavy trees give it an old almost English feel. This is just a beautiful project.
The blend of modern architecture with some element so of asian gardens makes this home above Sequim feel like a monastic retreat. The exposed pea-gravel driveway fits naturally into the whole scheme of the landscape.