Sequim, WA
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Serving the Olympic Peninsula since 1983
The ICF Experts of Western WA
Aside from taking you around to every one of our clients and seeing the work Berneking Concrete has done and interview all of the homeowners, the best I can do. Is show you the Homes and let you read what the customers think.
"One of the first things we noticed after moving into our ICF house was how quiet it was. Even the winds of Sequim weren't able to rattle anything. It's quiet and peaceful inside. ICF is very solid construction, you can tell from the moment you walk in that something is different. Initially it's how quiet the structure is.  The wind could be howling outside and you can't hear any of that inside. Secondly, it's a very air-tight structure which is good against thermal leakage."

                         - Paul Perlwitz
"There are so many good things I like about our house, I could go on for an hour, but the heating bill is the best!."

 - Bob Stevens