Sequim, WA
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Serving the Olympic Peninsula since 1983
The ICF Experts of Western WA
Concrete is not just for stem walls and daylight (walk out) basments. With ICFs they are the ideal choice for the entire exterier of any structure. 

What are Insulating Concrete Forms?
The concept is simple - two layers of insulating foam conected by high strength plastic or steel ties and filled with anywhere from 4 to 12 or more inches of high thermal mass concrete. The result is fantastic - a solid airtight, well insulated structure that is energy efficient and surprisingly green. It almost sounds too good to be true, but it's not.

Not only is the structure extremely sound and efficient the blocks allow for a huge amount of creativity in design. Bay windows, towers, vaults and even curved walls are design possibilities. So from simple to extravigant ICFs are the way to go.

With dozens of different manufacturers there are numerous variations. But the end result is always one that will make your home or commercial building one of the most durable, comfortable and affordable on the market. There is just really no way to beat the solid concrete core for strength and air tightness. And the two layers of 2 1/2 inch thick foam provide at least an R-25 level of insullation. Some inovations are not for everyone, but ICF is!
Information on ICF Construction
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